About Me

Who Am I? (What a great question to ask…)
My name is Daisy and I’m 20 years old. For the most part, I’m just an average girl who has a website just for fun.
I’m just your average girl who wanted to try out blogging, so here I am! Okay, to the juicy part: I am an Airbnb host and have been for a year now! (Well … A year in January 2019 but we’re getting there). This page is for my guests to address any questions they have for me and to provide them with an FAQ section.

What Is This Website For?
Two reasons: Blogging and Managing.
I’ve always been meaning to try out blogging FOREVER (Since July 2016 after I graduated H.S.).
The other reason is that I’m a host for Airbnb. I will be using this platform to provide an F.A.Q. for guests who have already booked. After a year of hosting, I still love it and I really want my guests to enjoy the rooms they’re staying in. It’s very simple but it serves the function of living.
What will you be blogging? 
Lifestyle, foodie adventures, ANYTHING.